27 Ways to Amazon-Up!

Practical ways to Amazon-Up!

27 days of tips, inspiration, practices and recipes to help you Amazon-Up in your everyday life.

These resources will be especially valuable if you’re looking to join us in person for one of our Amazons Amass & Advance gatherings.

Latest tips, inspiration, practices & recipes

Day 1: Work With What You Have & Who You Are

Day 2: Invest in Your Inner Strength

Day 3: A Nourishing Recipe

Day 4: Play & Prayer, Inquiry & Homage

Day 5: The Power of Sensitivity

Day 6: Arising from our Roots

Day 7: Out into the Wider World

Day 8: Beauty & Bounty

Day 9: A Little Can Be a Lot

Day 10: Questions & Answers

Day 11: Intimate Combat

Day 12: Taking Pleasure in the Sweetness of Life

Day 13: When You’re All Twisted Up

Day 14: Knowing Your Allies

Day 15: What About the Men?

Day 16: Cleansing, Grounding & Balancing

Day 17: Surrendering to the Spin Cycle

Day 18: Being Capable

Day 19: Energy & Willingness

Day 20: See Your Medicine Everywhere

Day 21: Woman in the Wilderness

Day 22: Being Wonder Woman

Day 23: Trust

Day 24: Keep On Keeping On

Day 25: Learning & Leaning In

Day 26: Caregiving

Day 27: What Will You Stand Up For?

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